As Director and Administrator, Robert F. Granzow III, CPP has been instrumental in developing the security function at the Office of Judicial District Security for the Administrative Office of Pennsylvania Courts (AOPC), spearheading significant initiatives to increase collaboration between professional disciplines in and beyond the Commonwealth’s Unified Judicial System.

The Office of Judicial District Security develops and supports strategic initiatives including, in part, a web-based incident reporting program; a vulnerability assessment program; a judicial threat management program; a security training and education program; a security project administration program; and an emergency preparedness and resiliency program. Functioning as integral components of an enterprise security management system, these initiatives markedly contribute to the safety and security of Pennsylvania’s magisterial district and common pleas courts. With an unwavering commitment to making court facilities in Pennsylvania safe places for judges, court personnel, litigants, jurors, witnesses, victims of crime and members of the public, the Office of Judicial District Security also administers legislatively allocated financial resources for court security improvements, assists judicial districts in managing effective security postures, and provides guidance in all matters related to the mitigation of existing and emerging risks.

Granzow’s previous professional accomplishments in the corporate sector included expanding a formal quality program for contract security staff in parallel with company National Malcolm Baldridge Quality Initiatives, which included vital performance indicators for conforming and non-conforming service elements and, through a formal benchmarking effort, championed new security technologies that seamlessly integrated with existing systems resulting in reductions in capital and operating expenses. He further spearheaded initiatives to formalize threat assessment protocols and deploy training to hundreds of executives, managers, supervisors and human resources advisors within the organization.

“Leveraging the synergies between stakeholders engaged in national security and public safety, my strategic goals have fostered the development of a collaborative professional network of local, state and federal agencies; created educational programs to promote a heightened level of situational awareness and personal security for judges and judicial system professionals; and championed programs designed to enhance the security postures of courthouses within the Commonwealth’s rural, suburban and urban communities,” Granzow says.

His professional background encompasses senior roles in security administration, corporate security management, academia and law enforcement. He has held positions with AMP Incorporated, Central Pennsylvania College, the Lancaster County Forensic Center and TE Connectivity.

“While I have been fortunate to drive a variety of professional initiatives to success in the course of my career, I believe I am most proud of having been able to impart a portion of my knowledge, skills and abilities to those with whom I have had the pleasure of working, teaching or serving,” he says. “If I were, however, to reflect upon a recent professional endeavor in which I have enjoyed a significant, if not overarching, sense of professional accomplishment, it would likely be evidenced in my efforts to offer strategic vision and leadership in enhancing the safety, security and resiliency of Pennsylvania’s various magisterial district courts and courts of common pleas.”

Granzow believes the need for knowledgeable security professionals has never been greater, and this trend is likely to continue into the foreseeable future. He explains, “For aspiring security/criminal justice professionals, career success is often an individual experience, but is most frequently realized by those committed to industry networking, actively engaged in professional organizations, and in particular, relentless in their pursuit of professional development.”

He encourages emerging security professionals to continuously pursue opportunities to better protect people, assets and information through technological innovation and operational process improvements. “Our efforts to remain ‘left of bang’ must never falter. I would further suggest that it is imperative for emerging security professionals to develop a professional acumen that will enable them to function effectively both as a subject matter expert/practitioner and as a manager/administrator in any public or private sector professional environment.”

With academic and experiential qualifications spanning nearly 25 years, Granzow believes opportunities to contribute to knowledge development and the expansion of security doctrine within the profession may best be realized in the course of either formal or informal mentorships. He adds, “With that having been stated, however, I remain equally committed to embracing teachable moments, welcoming speaking engagements, authoring articles, extending internships, participating in academic research, or gifting periodicals, journals and textbooks to those on their journey to become tomorrow’s thought leaders in the profession.”

Granzow is a member of ASIS International, Northeast Pennsylvania Chiefs of Police Association, the Pennsylvania Association of Court Management and the Pennsylvania Medical Reserve Corps. His community commitment includes volunteering with the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention.  

He holds a graduate certificate in forensic medicine from the Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine, a master’s degree in criminal justice from St. Joseph’s University and a baccalaureate degree in Criminal Justice from York College of Pennsylvania. He is a graduate of the PA State Police Municipal Police Academy, and he served honorably with the United States Naval Reserves and Pennsylvania National Guard.

Granzow and his family are outdoor enthusiasts with interests that include fly fishing, river canoeing and wetland conservation.

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