Yale University's Jackson Institute for Global Affairs will launch a new International Leadership Center (ILC) and integrate International Security Studies (ISS) in order to further strengthen the Institute’s core research mission.

The ILC will focus on building a global community of practitioners dedicated to furthering geopolitical understanding, preventing conflict, and building better societies.

Led by Emma Sky, a Jackson Senior Fellow and Director of the Maurice R. Greenberg World Fellows Program, the ILC will develop and support exceptional rising leaders from government, private sector and civil society and provide them with opportunities to further develop their knowledge, skills and networks to address complex challenges around the world.

“I am honored that Yale has appointed me as the inaugural director of the International Leadership Center. It is a great challenge – and an exciting opportunity. Our world faces many significant hurdles, but the real crisis is with leadership,” said Sky.

“Launching in the 21st year of the 21st century—in a time of public health and climate emergencies, of intractable conflicts and disruptive technologies, with growing inequality locally and globally—the mission of the ILC is to develop and support innovative, effective and adaptive leaders to address today’s —and tomorrow’s—most acute and complex challenges,” Sky added.

Set to open on July 1, the ILC will bring together under one umbrella existing programs currently at Jackson, including the World Fellows Program and the Petraeus-Recananti-Kaplan Fellowship.  Additional programs are in the planning stages and will be added in the near future.