After 11 years, 135 columns and more than 250 feature articles and cover stories…it is time for me to say goodbye as Editor-in-Chief of Security magazine.

As an Editor-in-Chief, I have learned how to handle just about anything. In any given day, I’ve jumped from writing a cover story to posting on social media, to responding to emails from PR agencies, to consulting with my art director about the next print or digital edition, to moderating a webinar, or organizing a

One thing I never learned, though, was how to write about myself, which includes any deep reflection about what the past 11 years have meant to me. Even as I write this, in early August, my thoughts are consumed by all of the things still left to do before I leave.

Eleven years in one role is a long time, yes, but I never really thought about it that way – I was busy pushing forward each day to deliver stories and content that I hope have helped you to mitigate risk in your organizations.

Each day at Security magazine, for me, has been filled with a sense of purpose, and it has been a privilege to live that commitment for the past 11 years. I have always placed much thought and importance on the work that we do and the words that we publish. There has never been a day when I have not felt the weight of the impact that our writing and reporting can have on your roles and the security industry as a whole. I have always strived to publish content that you could use to do your job better, and I hope that I have achieved that goal.

This year, especially, with COVID-19 affecting us all professionally and personally, I have never been more proud of what you do each day to mitigate risk and to keep people, property and assets safe.

I want to thank all of you – every Security magazine reader who has taken the time to read my stories and to share your views and successes with me. What an honor it has been for me to communicate with you and the security industry at large the passion that you all have for your roles, why you do what you do and why you enjoy doing it.

Another reason that I’ve stayed in this role for so long is because of my colleagues – past and present. They include former publishers Mark McCourt and Chris Ward, current publisher Gary Merrill, former Editor-in-Chief Bill Zalud and current Associate Editor Maria Henriquez. Mike Holmes, my Art Director, and Lyn Sopala, my Senior Production Manager, are extremely talented individuals who made my job easier every day. My sales team is the best in the industry – Jackie Bean, Kent Beaver and Ben Skidmore. It has also been a pleasure to work with the editorial team from sister publication SDM – Karyn Hodgson, Maggie Shein and Courtney Wolfe.

Thank you to all of the talented individuals at PR agencies who respected my deadlines and who sent me creative pitches, some that resulted in fun pieces to write and to share.

The good news is that I am staying in the security industry, as Marketing Director for Zenitel USA, which is a provider of intelligent communications systems, specifically, fully integrated communication platforms that include Intercom, Public Address and two-way Radio Systems. I am looking forward to seeing all of you at future ISC West, Security 500 and other industry conferences and events!

Goodbye, take care and see all of you soon!