G4S has expanded its G4S Return to Work Assurance program to include a new set of solutions to assist organizations with security planning and implementation as they reopen business operations during COVID-19.

G4S’ program outlines critical jobs to be done and guidelines for keeping workers and the public safe.

“An unplanned return to the workplace creates a risk of new infections, potential ongoing business disruption and the possibility of putting the organization at risk for additional liabilities,” said John Kenning, Regional CEO of G4S Americas. “The planning that goes into returning to work requires a combination of experience, business continuity planning capabilities and an adherence to health authorities and local regulations. The G4S Return to Work Assurance program puts our risk-based approach experience to work for our customers. With these solutions we help organizations outline key considerations and provide practical guidelines to allow organizations to adjust and operate safely within the context of the new normal.”

The G4S Return to Work Assurance program offers several solutions including assurances for Temperature Solutions, Physical Personal Protective Equipment Detection Solutions, Physical Distancing Solutions, Occupancy & Throughput Solutions, Contact Tracing Solutions, Workspace Control Solutions, Remote Worker Solutions and Business Resiliency Solutions. The solutions will help organizations secure their facilities and adhere to guidelines in every phase of the pandemic response through approaches that are based on people, process and technology. The solutions can secure closed properties, assist organizations that are returning to operations, ensure adherence to each individual company’s unique operating requirements and help organizations transition as the economic and pandemic landscape changes over time.

Solutions for reopening will vary based on the needs of the organization and can be tailored to existing processes and tools or include the addition of new technologies to accelerate an organization’s ability to reopen safely. For instance, AI solutions may be used to detect when people are not in compliance with physical distancing guidelines, which can be managed through remote video monitoring. Contact tracing can be digitized by augmenting visitor management and access control systems with software. Sensor technology can discreetly track workspace usage to determine heavily trafficked areas, and touchless access control systems can minimize contact with surfaces in entry and exit points.

The G4S Return to Work Assurance program is based on the G4S Security Risk Management Model. The data-driven approach is used to oversee enterprise security management. G4S works with clients to provide integrated security solutions to protect people, property and assets.

For more information about the G4S Return to Work program please visit g4s.us.