Kentucky Gov. Andy Beshear announced that anyone who breaks the state’s stay-at-home order will have to self-quarantine for two weeks, including those who attend church services.

"We know that the weeks or the months ahead will be difficult. We know that there are going to be tougher days before there are easier days," he said. "But we also know because we have faith that we are going to get through this and we are going to get through it together. We are going to pass this test of humanity.”

Gov. Beshear warned that anyone planning to attend an in-person mass gathering will face quarantine orders.

“This is the only way we can ensure that your decision doesn’t kill someone else,” the Governor said. Gov. Beshear has noted that an outbreak in Hopkins County that sickened dozens and led to multiple deaths was traced to a church revival there in mid-March.

He said officials are aware of only about six churches in the commonwealth that are still planning to hold in-person services.

Anyone attending such a gathering will be notified it is misdemeanor violation of the emergency orders issued by the Governor and Kentucky Department for Public Health. The Governor said the order is for all mass gatherings and not just worship services.

Gov. Beshear said Kentucky State Police will be recording the license plate numbers of any vehicle seen at the gatherings. Local health officials then will contact the people associated with those vehicles and require them to self-quarantine for 14 days.

“Folks, we shouldn’t have to do this,” the Governor said. “What we’re asking is for you to love your neighbor as yourself. We shouldn’t have to do this.”