Michael S. Oberlaender, a CISO and CSO, author and subject matter expert who has worked in global executive level security roles and in IT both in the U.S. and EU for more than 25 years, has released a new book on CISO leadership.

The book, GLOBAL CISO - STRATEGY, TACTICS, & LEADERSHIP: How to Succeed in InfoSec and CyberSecurity, is written by a C(I)SO for C(I)SOs – and also addresses CEOs, CROs, CLOs, CIOs, CTOs, Security Managers, Privacy Leaders, Lawyers, and even Marketing and Sales executives. 

According to the book description, "The book connects the dots about past data breaches and their misconceptions; provides an international perspective on privacy laws like GDPR and several others, about threat actors and threat vectors; introduces strategy and tactics for securing your organization; presents a first glimpse on leadership; explains security program planning and backup plans; examines team building; conceptualizes the governance board; explores budgets; cooperates with the PMO; divulges into tactics; further elaborates on leadership; establishes the reporting structure; illustrates risk assessments; elucidates security processes, principals, and architectural designs; enumerates security metrics; skims compliance; demonstrates attack surface reduction; explicates security intelligence; conceptualizes S-SDLC (SecDevOps); depicts security management; epitomizes global leadership; illustrates the cloud’s weaknesses; and finishes with an outlook on IoT. If you are in need of strong, proven, battle-tested security advice for a progressing security career, if you’re looking for the security wisdom of a global, experienced leader to make smart decisions, if you are an architect and want to know how to securely architect and design using guiding principles, design patterns, and controls, or even if you work in sales and want to understand how (not) to sell to the CISO – this is your almanac – and you will read and reference it many times."

The book is available on Amazon.