Canyon Bicycles GmbH recently announced that its online business was targeted by a cyberattack. 

Canyon Bicycles GmbH is a German manufacturer of racing bikes, mountain bikes and triathlon bikes based in Koblenz, Germany.

The company says its IT infrastructure was targeted by a professionally organised group of criminal computer hacker, according to a news report. Highly sensitive and valuable data was breached as cybercriminals were able to gain access Canyon’s IT systems. The company says it is also confident that the attack has now been completely identified and stopped.

Canyon’s founder and CEO Roman Arnold issued this statement: “Due to the encryption of our IT infrastructure, work and business processes were temporarily massively affected,” he said. “Our Koblenz site was directly affected, as were all our international companies with the exception of the US company, as it operates its own IT system. Unfortunately, we expect delays in customer contact and delivery in the next few days. We are making every effort to keep the impact on our customers and fans as low as possible and to get back to normal operations as quickly as possible. We regret this incident very much and apologise that Canyon is currently not able to offer its usual standard of service.”