Dr. Erroll G. Southers will deliver the keynote address at the RS2 Technologies 2019 Annual Conference on March 6, 2019 at the Coronado Island Marriott Resort in San Diego, Calif.

Dr. Southers, a former FBI Special Agent and currently Director of International Programs of the National Center for Risk and Economic Terrorism Events at USC, will deliver an address on security infrastructure for schools, stadiums, and other venues. He will concentrate on the process for assessing vulnerabilities and developing appropriate countermeasures specifically related to these venues. Dr. Southers will also discuss the cutting edge research he is doing for the National Science Foundation ("Impact of Building Design Attributes on Occupant Behavior in Response to Active Shooter Incidents in Offices and Schools"). Dr. Southers previously served as California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Deputy Director of the California Office of Homeland Security and as Chief of Homeland Security and Intelligence for the Los Angeles World Airports Police Dept. (the nation’s largest airport police department). He was President Barack Obama’s first nominee for Assistant Secretary of the Transportation Security Administration (TSA), has lectured at Joint Chiefs of Staff Antiterrorism Seminars and testified before Congress.

On March 7, Dave Engebretson, a contributing writer for SDM Magazine, will deliver a speech entitled “2,000 Feet per Hour!” on the topic of using existing cables for IP and PoE devices to lower installation/labor costs on jobs. The conference will also be addressed by Captain Ralph Arnott, USN (Ret.) of the USS Midway Museum on "The Story of the USS Midway." The Midway Museum is the second most popular museum of any type in the United States, as it draws more than 1.4 million visitors per year.

The conference will also feature presentations by executives and technical experts from Mercury Security, Assa Abloy, AWID, HID Global, Farpointe Data, Salto Systems, LifeSafety Power, Allegion, Invixium, Telaeris, SPLAN, and Best Access.