Atlanta’s Ponce City Market is one of the hottest shopping destinations in the Southeast. The market, which is home to dozens of restaurants, food stalls and retail stores, was opened by Jamestown Capital in 2014. Built in a renovated, 2.1-million square foot Sears, Roebuck & Co. distribution center, Ponce City Market quickly became a favorite of shoppers and burglars alike.

After opening, the market experienced a series of smash-and-grab incidents. In fact, one denim retailer was robbed multiple times. The frequency of the crimes led Jamestown Capital to believe the property was being cased. They knew they had to find a solution to keep tenants protected.

That’s where NGS Films and Graphics, Accent Distributing and 3M come in. NGS is a 3M Authorized Window Film Dealer that has installed 3M Safety & Security Window Film at chain retailers, schools and government buildings across the country, including dozens of National Guard facilities and FEMA headquarters in Washington D.C.

To help solve Ponce City Market’s smash-and-grab problem, NGS proposed using a version of its Tri-Shield Film System, which combines interior and exterior films with an attachment system, to offer unparalleled window protection at an affordable price. Ultimately, Jamestown Capital opted to have NGS install film on the windows of nearly every retailer in Ponce City Market.

NGS used interior-applied 3M S140 film, exterior-applied 3M S70 film and a 3M wet glaze attachment system across 15,000 square feet of windows to provide added protection to Ponce City Market’s retailers. Since the installation, the market has not experienced a single break in.

“We believe that the perpetrators who had been watching the building knew that the security film was installed, and it eliminated the problem,” James Beale, NGS’s managing partner, said.


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