More than 65 percent of US firms in survey by FICO and Ovum say their protection is either above average or consider themselves a “top performer.”

In addition, says the survey,

  • 68 percent of US firms surveyed said they are better prepared for data breaches than their competitors — up from 60 percent last year
  • Of the eight regions surveyed, Canadians were more likely to rate their firm a top performer for cybersecurity
  • Power and utilities providers respondents in the US were the most confident, or least realistic, with 86 percent rating their firms above average or top performers 
  • Financial services respondents were the least confident, or most realistic, with 60 percent rating their firms above average or top performers

“Firms have a lot to lose when it comes to their privacy and security risk and must have an accurate picture of how protected they really are,” said Doug Clare, vice president for cybersecurity solutions at FICO. “These figures point to the fact that many firms don’t know how they compare against to their competitors, which could lead to an under-investment in cybersecurity protection. Based on the survey results, many organizations would be surprised by what an objective view from the FICO Enterprise Security Score could tell them about their relative levels of cyber risk.”