Pennsylvania's Senate is advancing legislation that would set ground rules for school districts that allow employees to possess a gun on school grounds.

Senate Bill 383 was sponsored by Sen. Don White, R-Indiana. Under the bill, a district that wants to allow employees to have a firearm on school grounds would have to file a firearm safety plan with the local police department that identifies which employees have access to a firearm and coordinates an emergency response. The plan would not be subject to Pennsylvania's open-records law, but a district would have to inform parents about it.

Nine other states have passed similar legislation.

The state's teacher's union, the Pennsylvania State Education Association, oppposes the bill. "This is not what teachers are trained to do and it's not their primary responsibility to police school buildings," said Wythe Keever, spokesman for the PSEA.  "Their job is to educate children."

According to a Fox43 report, "House spokesperson Stephen Miskin said leadership would review the bill before acting on it. Governor Wolf has said he is against the legislation."