Almost four in ten (37%) US consumers report that they are “always concerned” about their safety and security – five percentage points above the global average (32%).

According to a GfK survey of 21 countries, people in Brazil, Mexico, Turkey and Russia have the highest levels of worry; these are the only countries surveyed where more than half of consumers agree strongly – choosing “6” or “7” on a scale of 1 to 7 – with the notion of always feeling concerned about their safety. This anxiety is most pronounced in Brazil – about to host the 2016 Summer Olympics – where roughly two-thirds (64%) expressed the highest level of worry about their safety and security.

On the other hand, Sweden, Germany and Netherlands have the highest levels of perceived safety and security. These countries are the only ones surveyed where less than 15% of consumers strongly agree with the idea of always being concerned about safety – ranking them well below the global average (32%).

Looking at the difference between genders, US women are as concerned as men about safety and security (37% for both). These figures differ slightly from the global averages of 30% for men and 34% for women who agree strongly that they are always worried about safety and security. 

Among the different age groups in the US, people in their thirties (ages 30 to 39) are the most worried about their safety and security, with 42% strongly agreeing that they are concerned. Other highly concerned age groups are 20 to 29 (39%) and 60+ (38%).