Actionable Intelligence Forms a Life Raft for Cybersecurity Efforts


Extends Data Center-Grade Security to Remote Locations

Software Defined WAN (SD-WAN) from Cybera

The adoption of mobility, big data, social media, cloud and the Internet of Things is extending traditional enterprise perimeters, making them vulnerable to threats and complex to secure. Simultaneously, enterprises are adding innovative, multi-layered security solutions to their data center security. This discrepancy between data center and remote application security leaves weak links in the enterprise security chain. This solution extends data center-grade protection to remote sites by combining security and simplicity into a single integrated platform. The SD-WAN allows mission-critical applications like payments and loyalty programs to co-exist with public applications like Wi-Fi on a single network while providing application-specific security and end-to-end network segmentation.

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Aggregates and Analyzes Threat Data for Efficient Response

Threat Intelligence Platform from ThreatConnect

This Threat Intelligence Platform allows government agencies and large enterprises to aggregate all available threat data, analyze it rapidly, automate actions and then produce tactical, operational and strategic threat intelligence all in one place. Enterprise security leaders can use the refined intelligence to preemptively act on new threats, respond faster to impending threats and respond automatically to existing ones. Available as a cloud-based or on-premises deployment, this solution helps to make the most out of IT security professionals’ time, maximizing the value of the enterprise’s threat intelligence by tracking historical data, fusing internal incidents with external information, and giving teams the opportunity to share threat data with trusted and secure communities.

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Addresses the Three Points of Vulnerability for Frictionless Security

Duo Platform from Duo Security

The three points of vulnerability for an enterprise are stolen passwords, compromised devices and bad networks. Duo’s two-factor authentication addresses stolen credentials, and this platform offers visibility and insight into which users are accessing your network, from which devices and from what location, and it empowers network administrators to create policies that work within their organization to address risk and detect potential fraud.

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