The most important factors business travelers and travel buyers consider when choosing ground transportation is traveler and vehicle safety, followed by availability for a timely pick-up and convenience of payment methods, according to The2015 Ground Transportation Study, sponsored by Dav El/Boston Coach Chauffeured Transportation Network and Empire CLS Worldwide Chauffeured Services.

According to Global Business Travel Association (GBTA) Executive Director and COO Michael McCormick: “Our research shows one in four (24 percent) travel buyers say their company does not allow their business travelers to use ride-sharing companies, by far the highest percentage for any form of ground transportation. In addition, a large number of companies have not adopted policies around ride-sharing companies, revealing a need for education about the benefits and the risks.”

Despite the overwhelming concern over traveler safety, travelers’ awareness of duty of care is not universal. Only about one-third of business travelers are at least somewhat familiar with all aspects, such as pre-employment driver certification, driver training requirements and regulations affecting each ground transportation method (rental cars, taxis, chauffeured transportation and rise-sharing companies were the survey’s options).