Verizon said it is prepared to pay up to $50,000 for information leading to the arrest and prosecution of those responsible for recent thefts of copper telephone cable in Pennsylvania.

According to the company, three incidents have occurred over the last couple of weeks, in all, nearly 1,000 feet of copper cable has been stolen, resulting in thousands of dollars in damages.

Verizon said hundreds of its local phone customers have unnecessarily experienced telephone service delays because of the thefts — up to several days in some cases — and endured risks to their personal safety.

“These incidents are incomprehensible because they put people’s lives in danger and can cost thousands of dollars to repair,” said Hank Abbott, director of operations for Verizon Pennsylvania. “We will not tolerate these deliberate and malicious acts against our telephone network and our customers.”

Verizon said it has taken additional security measures to prevent future thefts and is working with state and local law enforcement authorities to find and prosecute those responsible.