Robbers wearing masks and goggles broke into a California mining museum in broad daylight and stole gold and gems valued at up to $2 million, according to an NBC News article.

Although no one has been identified in connection with the burglary, the article says, California investigators are searching for at least two suspects.

The masked men broke into the California State Mining and Mineral Museum in Mariposa, Calif., Friday afternoon with pickaxes and forced employees into one end of the building, the Los Angeles Times reported, citing a state parks spokesman.

The thieves did not, however, steal the nearly 14-pound Fricot Nugget, a giant crystalline gold mass unearthed in the California Gold Rush era. According to the article, the robbers triggered an alarm as they tried to break into the iron safe that hold the nugget.

The California department of parks and recreation issued a statement Monday saying the museum would be closed “until further notice while repairs are completed.”

The statement also added that the museum is taking an inventory of the stolen items this week, which allows officials to confirm what it was taken and how much those items were worth.

The LA Times reports that the museum had moved its treasures to an undisclosed location.