About 44 kilograms of gold bars valued at $2 million were reportedly stolen from an Air France flight from Paris to Zurich.

Police authorities say they strongly suspect insider involvement in the theft at the Charles de Gaulle airport in Paris.

According to The Local, the incident happened on Sept. 19, after the gold ingots were loaded onto a low-cost Air France passenger flight that took off from Charles de Gaulle airport for Zurich, Switzerland. It was discovered that about 44 kilograms of the gold being shipped was missing only when the cargo was being unloaded in Zurich.

Brinks, a secure transportation company, which handles transportation of gold to Swiss banks, reportedly put nine suitcases of gold in the plane, but two cases were discovered missing in Zurich.

The Local reports that Air France said Tuesday that it filed complaint with the French national aviation police (GTA).

According to an Air France spokesman, "We hope the investigations will allow us to quickly determine the sequence of events and identify those responsible."

Air France said that its cargo hold was sealed so the gold could not have been stolen during the flight.

Although police investigators suspect the gold was stolen before the flight left Paris, they have not ruled out the possibility that it was stolen in Zurich.

Brink's representative Christine Perier said its personnel had handed over the consignment to Air France personnel when it was reported missing.