A Chinese national living in the U.S. illegally was indicted on burglary charges Tuesday in Chicago, as prosecutors alleged that the “one man crime wave” had stolen more than $1 million of goods from homes in the wealthy Lincoln Park neighborhood, according to a report from NewsCore.

According to the prosecution, Jicheng “Kevin” Liu is suspected of committing hundreds of burglaries and thefts from homes. The Chicago Tribune reported that 200 bicycles, 200 strollers, 100 golf clubs, TV sets, jewelry and laptop computers were among the items allegedly discovered at his home and in five storage lockers.

Authorities also found more than 50 garage door openers in Liu’s possession.

Liu has been in Cook County Jail since March after being charged with cyberstalking, computer fraud and identity theft, NewsCore reported.

His $100,000 bond was increased to $500,000 bail Tuesday after 12 new burglary charges were added to his charge sheet, the article says.