Hospital entrance

Hospitals and healthcare facilities need to professionally manage guests entering the lobby, account for who is entering the facility and screen for unwanted visitors.

Because hospitals typically have high numbers of visitors, the visitor system has to accommodate rapid guest check in and not be obtrusive or cumbersome when processing guests.

Integration of visitor management with other hospital systems is also an important consideration. These hospital systems include:


  • HL7 for real-time patient feeds: Lobby attendants are able to view real-time patient admissions and discharges, allowing them to match the patient that the visitor is seeing.
  • Status Blue: Includes the list of the approved vendors for the healthcare facility so that the lobby attendant will know whether an arriving vendor has been pre-approved by the facility.
  • Access Control Integration: Contractors, temporary staff and volunteers can be provided with access to locked doors controlled by the facility’s access control system, allowing these individuals to enter areas without the need of being escorted by an employee


Many hospitals guard against unwanted visitors by using their visitor management system to alert them to individuals on their internal Watch List and/or against each states sex offender database. This feature will automatically alert the lobby attendants to any visitor on the list within seconds of check in.

Other visitor management features for hospitals include alerts such as maximum visitor alert to specific patients to monitor and control the maximum number of guests visiting a patient at any time, and durable visitor badges that include barcodes to allow frequent visitors to check in to the building with a simple swipe of their badge after the first visit.

EasyLobby Secure Visitor Management (SVM) has many features designed specifically for hospitals and healthcare facilities.

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