Many of the nation’s premier hospitals and healthcare organizations use EasyLobby visitor management solutions to secure their facilities and better manage visitors.

Healthcare organizations have very specific requirements for visitor management. They need to process a high volume of visitors quickly and accurately.

EasyLobby integrates with HL7 to receive real-time data on patient admissions and discharge. When a visitor arrives, the lobby attendant can match that visitor to a particular patient without needing to perform any other look-up of patient records. This simplifies and speeds the check in process.

Many healthcare facilities also pre-approve specific vendors to receive access to their facilities. EasyLobby integrates with this system, called “Status Blue” to allow pre-registration of these vendors to allow their access while also ensuring the security of the facility.

Using a visitor registration system such as EasyLobby, hospitals and healthcare facilities can also control the maximum number of visitors to a particular patient. Some hospitals limit the number of visitors to patients in intensive care. EasyLobby accounts for visitors to each patient and can automatically deny entry once a pre-determined limit has been reached.

A number of healthcare facilities, particularly Children’s Hospitals, include the option of screening visitors against the National Sex Offender Database. EasyLobby flags a match to this database within seconds of visitor check in.

Finally, healthcare facilities often have family members who are visiting patients regularly over an extended period of time. The EasyLobby visitor registration software can create extended visitor badges that family members can keep and use over an extended period without having to go through the normal check in process each time they visit.

For these, as well as a host of other beneficial reasons, EasyLobby visitor management solutions are used at many healthcare facilities throughout the country to improve visitor security.