With less than nine months to go to the start of London 2012, over half of small and medium sized businesses expect no disruption to their operations as a result of the Olympic and Paralympic Games, according to a new report from Deloitte.

Entrepreneurship UK surveyed owners of private businesses, and found that 59 percent of respondents across the country believed the Games will have no impact on their business as usual operations. In London the figure was only marginally lower at 55 percent.

Transport is the biggest concern, with 14 percent of small and medium sized enterprises in London citing it as an issue ahead of next summer, the report says.

Staff unavailability was the next highest worry with 8 percent of respondents from London concerned, according to the report.

Rick Cudworth, head of the Business Continuity & Resilience team at Deloitte, said: “In our research with larger companies we have seen the levels of understanding about the potential impact of the Games significantly increase in the past 12 months. 95 percent of larger companies will assess the impact the Games could have on their operations. One point larger companies will need to consider is how well prepared the smaller businesses they rely on for supplies are for the Games as the indications at present suggest there is work to be done."