But it will up to President-elect Obama to keep the ball rolling.

Zalud’s Blog received the following statement from the Business Software Alliance (BSA) through Robert Holleyman, president and CEO of BSA.

“BSA and its member companies applaud the commission members for their thoughtful, comprehensive report. We agree with many of its major findings, specifically:

§         Cyber security is a critical priority that requires strong leadership and action at all levels of government and the private sector. American families and businesses are the #1 target of today’s global cyber threats, and shortcomings in US cyber security could pose catastrophic risks to national security, economic security, and individual security.

§         Cyber security is a global problem that requires a robust, coordinated global response. 

§         Neither the private sector nor the government can win this battle alone. A strong public-private partnership is needed to strengthen cyber security on an ongoing basis.

§         The United States needs to modernize its cyber security laws; provide adequate resources for cyber security programs; and build greater capacity for the future through research, education and training programs.  

“We also agree with the commission that when new regulations are needed, government must steer clear of prescriptive mandates, ‘which could add unnecessary costs and stifle innovation,’ to cite the report’s words. We support the commission’s recommendation that government must work with industry to set standards and guidelines for procurement of secure products and services.

“BSA is a leader in the global fight against cyber security threats, with its member companies spending billions of dollars each year to improve the security of IT networks, hardware and software. BSA and its members also conduct a variety of enforcement-related programs that help expose cyber threats and bring responsible parties to justice. With operations in 85 countries around the world, BSA is unique among tech industry associations in working with many governments on cyber crime and security issues. 

“In the weeks and months ahead, BSA will continue to work with lawmakers in the United States and around the world to strengthen cyber security.”

About the Business Software Alliance

The Business Software Alliance (www.bsa.org) is the foremost organization dedicated to promoting a safe and legal digital world. BSA is the voice of the world's software industry and its hardware partners before governments and in the international marketplace. Its members represent one of the fastest growing industries in the world. BSA programs foster technology innovation through education and policy initiatives that promote copyright protection, cyber security, trade and e-commerce. BSA members include Adobe, Apple, Autodesk, Avid, Bentley Systems, Borland, CA, Cadence Design Systems, Cisco Systems, CNC Software/Mastercam, Corel, CyberLink, Dell, EMC, HP, IBM, Intel, McAfee, Microsoft, Monotype Imaging, PTC, Quark, Quest Software, SAP, Siemens, Dassault Systemes SolidWorks, Sybase, Symantec, Synopsys, and The MathWorks.