The Ritz Carlton and JW Marriott hotels in Jakarta, Indonesia, were bombed this morning, said an AP report. Eight people were injured eight people and 51 were injured, in the country's first terrorist attack in almost four years. The report said that the Marriott was hit first, followed by the blast at the Ritz two minutes later. The hotels are located side-by-side in an up-market shopping and business district. Police were investigating whether the blasts, detonated inside cafes in each hotel, were caused by suicide bombers, planted explosives or a combination of both, said the report. Several of the bombing suspects were believed to have been staying at the Marriott. According to the report, because of past attacks, most major hotels in Jakarta check incoming vehicles and requiring visitors to pass through metal detectors. Some countries have recently updated their travel advisories, warning pepole against unncesssary travel to Indonesia because of the risk of terrorism. Australia and New Zealand updated their travel advisories, the report said, as it did Britain.