Cybersecurity priorities and budgets were analyzed in a recent report by Anomali. According to the report, security analysts maintain that up to 57% of their daily tasks could be automated – while 76% of respondents think that artificial intelligence (AI) technology will deliver faster threat detection and personal productivity gains. 

Forty-seven percent of respondents reported that their current security operations centers (SOC) do not provide adequate infrastructure visibility, which is critical for detecting and responding to malicious activities, and 87% would like to see multiple technologies consolidated into a single platform to empower the security analyst workflow.

Eighty-eight percent of respondents will focus their security investments on cloud security, with 55% focused on AI technology. Reskilling initiatives will be critical to advancing this technology within the SOC, as 32% of respondents do not believe they are properly staffed with necessary skill sets.

Chief information security officers (CISOs) plan to consolidate tools rather than add more complexity. Sixty-eight percent of CISOs surveyed are planning to consolidate the number of vendors/tools they use wherever possible. Meanwhile, 26% of CISOs plan to add new technology to address security gaps and emerging threats.

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