A report by Keeper Security contains a survey of more than 800 global IT professionals and security executives, revealing key trends in the cybersecurity landscape. Notably, 92% of IT leaders surveyed state that cyberattacks have grown in frequency since 2023. As a result, cybersecurity may prove to become increasingly complex in 2024. Security leaders are advised to note the key trends the report reveals in order to navigate the emerging threat landscape. 

Key trends discussed 

The report found that cyberattacks are increasing in sophistication. 95% of those surveyed report that cyberattacks are so sophisticated that they feel unprepared for the emerging threat vectors. These threat vectors include: 

  • AI-powered attacks (35%) 
  • Deepfake technology (30%) 
  • Leveraged 5G networks (29%) 
  • Unauthorized cloud control (25%) 
  • Fileless attacks (23%)

The volume of cyberattacks has also increased, and 40% of respondents report that their organizations have experienced a cyberattack via insider threats. Among the threats increasing in frequency, the report noted: 

  • Phishing attacks (51%) 
  • Malware threats (49%) 
  • Ransomware incidents (44%) 
  • Password attacks (31%)

Due in part to the rise of AI, 84% respondents report that phishing and smishing have become increasingly difficult to detect. As cyberattacks continue to grow in frequency and complexity, security leaders are encouraged to remain vigilant against evolving threats.