Ontinue has released a report detailing emerging cybersecurity threats. This report analyzed around 600,000 endpoints in order to identify the most prevalent threats and make predictions about evolving threats in the future.

Security leaders are encouraged to consider the key trends highlighted in the report, including: 

  • Nearly 50% of analyzed ransomware incidents targeted the construction and information technology sectors. 
  • LockBit was declared the most active ransomware group, while 8Base targeted small and midsized businesses.  
  • Ransomware attacks grew in complexity, as the frequency of double-extortion techniques increased.
  • Inadequate IoT security was leveraged by malicious actors, who utilized these devices for DDoS attacks, botnet attacks and unauthorized access gain. 
  • AI presented a new challenge, as malicious actors were able to use this technology to avoid conventional security measures or to create realistic deepfake content. 
  • Social engineering tactics leveraged human vulnerabilities and posed a notable threat to organizations. 

In addition to discussing observed trends, the report also predicted trends that may emerge throughout 2024.  

  • AI will continue to be exploited for sophisticated attack techniques, including social engineering attempts and biometric security evasion. 
  • Mobile devices will become key targets for the exploitation of access points and credentials. 
  • As global conflicts continue, hacktivism and hacks-for-hire are predicted to rise. 
  • Ransomware operations will change, including the methods used and the information extorted. 

Considering these emerging and predicted trends is essential to improving security efforts in 2024.