Consumer preferences around financial service fraud prevention were analyzed in a recent report by FICO. According to the report, 69% of consumers rank good fraud protection in their top three considerations when choosing a financial service provider.

Key findings from the research show that good fraud protection can be a competitive advantage. Thirty-two percent of respondents note that strong fraud protection is the most important consideration when opening a new account. Having that added security is also why most respondents (76%) cite why they prefer to open a financial account in a branch and a further 65% who say they can get the information or advice they need in person rather than via a website or app.

Additionally, the survey reports that 12.3% of respondents say their stolen identity has been used to open a financial account, equating to over 32 million people. As a majority noted, customers are more worried about banking-related fraud, with fraud resulting from stolen cards and identity theft leading to application fraud as the most likely to feature in their top three most concerning fraud types.

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