A new report from Glassbox uncovers the attitudes of banking customers in 2024. The report includes a survey of 1,000 United States consumers with the purpose of understanding the priorities and concerns of financial service consumers. 

The report found that 90% of consumers prioritize the security of their personal information. Furthermore, 85% believe their banks should offer proactive communications about AI usage within provided digital services. If consumers were the victims or AI-related fraud via their bank, more than half report that they would leave their bank.

The survey revealed consumer attitudes towards the integration of AI with banking services. Key findings include: 

  • 60% see AI as a potential tool and a potential threat to banks.
  • 59% are content with banks deploying AI to detect fraud.
  • 47% express that their top AI concern from banks is security risks.

More key findings from the survey include: 

  • 79% believe customer support across digital channels is an important feature.
  • 66% expect a reliable, seamless experience throughout the app and website.
  • 63% state that personalization is important.
  • More than 50% consider security to be a priority.