Data protection and zero trust were analyzed in a recent report by Rubrik. According to the report, one of six organizations experienced multiple losses of data in the past 12 months.

The report found that typical organization’s data has grown 42% over the last 18 months, with software as a service (SaaS) data driving the most growth overall (145%) followed by cloud (73%) and on-premises (20%). On average, a typical organization’s data volume totals 240 backend terabytes (BETB). 

Sixty-one percent of organizations surveyed store sensitive data in multiple locations across cloud, on-premises and SaaS environments, with less than 4% reporting a dedicated, sensitive data storage location.

Over half (53%) of external organizations surveyed experienced a material loss of sensitive information in the last year, with about one out of every six organizations (16%) experiencing multiple losses in 2022.

Sixty-six percent of IT and security leaders surveyed believe their organization’s current data growth is outpacing their ability to secure this data and manage risk. Sixty-two percent of respondents suspect people inside their organization are accessing data in violation of data policies.

Read the full report here.