Cloud video surveillance was analyzed in a recent Eagle Eye Networks report. The report analyzes aggregate data from a sample set of 200,000 security cameras in 100 countries. Included in the report are corporate enterprises, retail businesses, restaurants, warehouses, industrial, educational, healthcare and hospitality facilities and multifamily residences.

According to the report, 90% of License Plate Recognition (LPR) use is primarily for reasons other than security and 33% of organizations using LPR use a “free flow” system (no gated stopping point) to capture license plates while the car is in motion.

Seventy-four percent of businesses that use security cameras with two-way audio use a connected IP speaker for communication, while 26% use a security camera with built-in two-way audio capabilities. As large enterprises move to the cloud, many are opting for a hybrid approach. Forty-four percent in 2022 use a combination of cloud and on-premise retention.

Security cameras use artificial intelligence (AI) to detect vehicles 72% of the time in the Americas, compared to 57% of the time in Europe. Security cameras in Europe use AI to detect people 37% of the time, compared to 24% of the time in the Americas.

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