Sixty-nine percent of survey respondents are still storing some data on premises, which can lead to data and security breaches as 42 percent still experience accidental insider threats, says a report

However, good news is 93 percent are storing data in more than one place: 

  • Private Cloud - IaaS: 18 percent
  • Public Cloud - IaaS: 18 percent
  • On-premises: 18 percent
  • Public Cloud - SaaS: 17 percent
  • Private Cloud - SaaS: 16 percent
  • Hybrid Cloud: 13 percent

Other key findings include:

  • Cloud app deployment increased 16 percent over the past 12 months and is expected to surge 21 percent over the next year. 
  • On average, organizations report that over half (53 percent) of their workload has been migrated to the cloud. However, only a small minority (3 percent), have transferred all of their workloads to a cloud platform. 
  • An overwhelming majority of survey respondents (93 percent) report issues keeping tabs on all cloud workloads. Interestingly, poor visibility into IaaS was called the top threat by just three in ten, and the most critical vulnerability by only one in ten, spotlighting again that perceptions and understanding are scrambling to keep up with the reality.
  • 49 percent of respondents confirmed their cloudsecurity manpower is inadequate to deal with all incoming alerts. A skills and security personnel shortage is the primary culprit: 92 percent said they need to enhance cloud security skills while 84 percent confirmed they needed to add staff to close the gap.
  • Only 27 percent of responding organizations were confident in their ability to address all cloud security alerts. Seventy-three percent of organizations’ cloud maturity is not advancing as rapidly as the expansion of new cloud apps being deployed.
  • Seventy-three (73) percent blame immature security practices, including use of personal accounts, and lack of multi-factor authentication (MFA) or data loss prevention (DLP) services, for at least one cloud incident.