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Will We See You at the Security 500 Conference?

Kick off OSAC Week 2018 with a day of high-level education & networking

This year's Security 500 Conference, held November 12 in Arlington, VA, kicking off OSAC Week at the State Department, will feature a keynote address from Michael McGarrity, Assistant Director for the Counterterrorism Division of the FBI. 


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Registration Open for Security 500 West Conference

Looking for a day of high-level security education, networking and discussion? Join us May 10, 2018, for the 2018 Security 500 West Conference. Matthew Rosenquist of Intel Corp. will deliver the keynote address on the risks and opportunities within converged security.

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Security 500: Security Takes Center Stage

Enterprise security directors are stepping into the spotlight as their unique sets of silo-crossing skills position them for company-wide leadership. In Security magazine’s annual Security 500 Report, learn the top 10 trends that enterprise security leaders are facing this year, gather sector and issue-specific metrics to enhance your in-house reporting, determine which companies are leading the pack in your sector, and build your case to become the enterprise’s next go-to executive resource.

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How Security Ball Can Help Enterprises Succeed in a Risk-Nado!

Learn how to change the game of security with better statistics

Leveraging metrics and statistics can lead to a stronger security program, just as they led to a better baseball team for the Oakland Athletics in “Moneyball.” So how can these metrics protect your enterprise from a Risk-Nado?

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Dan Ryan: Rising Star

“We have a complex community with many tenants, people and events that include measurable risks. We identify both minimal and elevated risks, build security programs around them and measure our results.”

Dan Ryan’s story is classic, happy and all-American that those entering the profession can learn from and hope to emulate. “I guess you could say I started at the bottom and worked my way up.” Yes, you could say that Dan, but that would be understatement – Dan’s expertise and perfection have helped him rise through the ranks at a meteoric pace.

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Look Who’s Coming to Security 500

“It's always a pleasure to convene with my colleagues at the Security 500 conference. No matter whether I'm there as presenter or attendee, the get is as good as the give, manifested in shared professional experiences, network building and warm collegiality,” says John Imhoff, CSO of Ernst & Young.
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