Happy Friday, Security readers!

We’ve been busy wrapping up the December edition, covering the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy and attending a great conference in Chicago from SC Magazine. What project are you most proud of this week?

So as we keep working on preparing a phenomenal finish for 2012, you can save time surfing our site and peruse the most popular articles of the week:

2012 Security 500 Rankings: Get some of the best benchmarking data in the industry from our Security 500 report: We track 18 vertical markets and collect unique data, which is applied to key metrics:

  • ·         Security Spending/Person
  • ·         Security Spending/Revenue
  • ·         Security Officers/Employee
  • ·         Security Officers/Facility

Where do you stand?

The Security 500: Earning Your Stripes: While many enterprises still have the risk tiger by the tail, Security 500 leaders are earning their stripes by taking risk head-on and proactively taming it. In short, they are moving risk to their organization’s top line.

Security 500 Trends: Thanks for Nothing: If security executives do their jobs correctly, they have “nothing” to show for it – no breaches, no bad press, nothing.

Security Officers: How Changing Titles Changes Perceptions: A rose by any other name still smells as sweet, but if we change the title for a security guard to a security officer, are they more effective?

The Most Influential People in Security 2012: In Security magazine’s other award of the year, check out who the most influential power-players in the security industry are in eight different categories.

Workplace Violence: What Role for Corporate Security?: With another workplace violence incident occurring this week (Read more: Gunman Kills One, Wounds Three at Fresno, Calif. Company), your fellow readers are interested in how to mitigate these risks within a corporate environment.

2012 Security 500 Analysis: So you’ve read the report, but what does it all mean? Get some clarity with our analysis and methodology report.

Determining Operations Excellence in Security: “What is excellence in security?” The answer is elusive, but Security columnist and contributing writer George Campbell strives to answer it.


Also, here’s a preview for next Tuesday’s Security eNewsletter: Do you know the difference between black-hat hackers and Certified Ethical Hackers? Ron Woerner from Bellevue University’s cyber-security department breaks down the differences and benefits that hiring an ethical hacker can bring to your organization.  

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