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In top news, a security official for the NBA is sueing, claiming that a head coach for a U.S. women's basketball team attempted to kiss her, and after spurning his advances, he demanded that she be removed from the team's trip to the London Olympics. The coach, Geno Auriemma, denies the allegations.

A new study shows that 35 percent of small-business owners do not have any firm plan or protocol for disposing of data, and 28 percent of them don't train their employees on data security at all. C-suite executives, on the other hand, are pushing for stricter legislation on data security and disposal.

Articles from this week's Security eNewsletter were also among the most popular articles of the week. 

As larger banks buy out smaller firms or make use of existing buildings, they are often inheriting legacy security systems. Training security personnel to manage all of the different programs can be nigh impossible, which is where Physical Security Information Management (PSIM) comes into play

Perimeter surveillance is often a necessary expense, but with some careful, strategic planning and the right equipment, you can lower your perimeter surveillance costs while still achieving effective monitoring.

In part two (out of two) in our personal resilience series, it becomes clear that without present, focused workers, a company in crisis (natural or otherwise) cannot survive. By putting measures in place to help employees recover from disasters faster, it's much easier for an organization to get back up and running as quickly as possible.


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