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SECURITY’s Top Guarding Companies: The guarding business is strong and growing, with firms providing a diversity of services. The top six firms surveyed by SECURITY magazine employ about 19 percent of the total security guards in the United States. And guarding companies say that, on average, hours billed increased by 20 percent in 2002 compared to 2001. Originally published January 16, 2004.

SEC 500: 2011 Rankings: What executives were ranked as Security’s top 500 in 2011? Check our roster and prepare for the 2012 edition in November! Originally published in the November 2011 print edition.

Beyond the Numbers: What the Stanley-Niscayah M&A Means for You: When security integrator Stanley Security Solutions announced plans last year to purchase fellow security integrator Niscayah, one of the largest global security firms in Europe and the U.S., for $1.2 billion, the move shook the very core of the security integrator space. The acquisition was large, to say the least: with it, Stanley Security Solutions increases its global presence, and its North American team greatly increased. There are more installation technicians, service specialists, branch employees, supervisors and team leaders. It created a much larger business, growing 30 percent in overall U.S. associates since January 2011. Originally published in the May 2012 print edition.

Duty of Care: What’s the Security Director’s Role? Duty of Care is a shared responsibility, especially in today’s global economy. As employees cross borders and increasingly work in hostile environments, increased risk is brought to an organization’s most valuable assets: its employees. Originally published in the March 2012 print edition.

How to Hire a Leader: Six Common Screening Mistakes: While employment screening is standard operating procedure for many companies today, some organizations haven’t revisited their policies in some time. Meanwhile, regulatory requirements and best practices have changed. As a result, many organizations unknowingly make common mistakes in employment background screening that can result in undue risks and security gaps. Originally published January 24, 2012.

Security’s Top 25 People in the Security Industry: They contribute to their own organizations, but also influence the security industry and enterprises across the world. This is Security Magazine's second annual spotlight on the Top 25. Originally published December 1, 2007.

Beyond the Box: Security That Works: What do a global news and information company, a large utility, a Fortune 500 electronic commerce and payment processing provider, a diverse hospital and a local government have in common? Originally published in the March 2012 print edition.

Security Officers: A Matter Of Values: Just as justification of technology is really a business decision, so is the application of officers. And, not surprisingly, annual growth in the numbers of security officers matches, and sometimes surpasses, growth of security video and card access controls. Originally published January 26, 2012.

The Top 10 Open Video Management Systems: In the video surveillance market today there is a plethora of Video Management Systems (VMS). Some are unique that serve very niche markets, while others are the dominate players or market leaders, and in between are the up and coming systems that are challenging the market leaders. In all of these solutions there is one principle: to provide a tool that aids the security professional in the efficient and effective use of surveillance equipment. Originally published in the February 2010 print edition.

Core Security Values: Do You Have Them? All too often, we practical folks engaged in the day-to-day operations of our departments dismiss these concepts as superfluous or mere hoops to jump through to please some higher authority. As I’ve been known to preach about, regularly, is the need to market our services to our customers, both internal and external.  One “corporate speak” method of marketing our work with the value added benefit of guiding our decision making is in the form of value statements. Originally published January 26, 2012.


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