It was a busy middle May as school administrators, school security officials and local law enforcement responded to an escalating number of life safety and vandalism threats.

A 16 year old student was arrested last Tuesday after a pipe bomb was left at Centaurus High School in Lafayette, Colo. The student is facing charges in connection with leaving a pipe bomb that prompted an emergency response and evacuation.

Scenic Heights Elementary School in Pensacola, Fla., was the latest facility vandalized in a series of incidents at Escambia County schools that have been targeted for burglaries and acts of vandalism. Authorities are investigating the break-in but are not treating the various acts as being connected.

In New Jersey, Cinnaminson High School was evacuated for the second day in a row last week after a student received a text message claiming a bomb would go off. Authorities searched the school and found nothing after roughly two hours.