Orlando, Florida
September 21, 2011

We’re here in beautiful Orlando, Florida, guests of ASIS at the ASIS International 57th Annual Seminar and Exhibits.  Former Acting-Executive Director, Peter Ford, and OSAC analysts--Aiste Ray, Jennifer Hardwick--and I accepted a gracious invitation to attend this year’s event and the opportunity to host an informational booth to educate the participants on OSAC and its services.  As we chronicled the recent innovations we’ve infused in the new OSAC we felt quite at home among the 700+ leading security innovators who gathered here to announce their latest security solutions.  In an ever-more, risk-ladened world, anticipating the “unexpected” has become a norm.  Developing critical new alliances is indispensible in that effort.  

This joint effort presages our next OSAC Public/Private foray, which we will launch on October 9th, as we head to:  Tokyo, Shanghai, Seoul, & Seattle.  You’re invited to stay “On the Track of OSAC” as we continue to chronicle our travels via this blog.  In the meantime continue look for exact dates and times of Country Council meetings at www.OSAC.gov .