It seems that terror threats from mailed white powder continue to increase. Agents with the South Carolina Law Enforcement Division are investigating after they said a white powdery substance was found inside a letter sent to a U.S. Senator’s office. The letter was found August 11 at the South Carolina Senator’s office on south Main Street, FOX Carolina News reported. SLED said it responded at the request of the FBI. Investigators said they do not think the substance in the letter is harmful, but it has been forwarded to a lab run by the South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Control for testing. Officials said the Senator was not at the office Thursday. Then, early on the afternoon of August 12, a Madison woman called 911 complaining of burns from a powdery substance that came from an envelope she recieved in the mail. The woman lives on Raymond Road, off of Blake Bottom Road. She reached into a mailbox, grabbed a letter, but it apparently had some white powder inside it. She immediately called for help. This was about 1 p.m. Several agencies responded to the woman’s home, including the Monrovia Volunteer Fire Department and Madison County Sheriff’s Office. The Huntsville Fire Department also responded with its hazardous materials teams. The FBI is also investigating the situation, and the Postmaster General was notified. The woman who handled the letter was treated for minor injuries. She was taken to a local hospital as a precaution.