While law enforcement and government agencies continue to drill for potential domestic violence incidents, there continues to be white powder and bomb threats aimed at government entities. Two arrest in Alabama just have been made.

This past week, the FBI and Environmental Protection Agency headed over to the Boeing plant in Ridley Township, Pennsylvania, to practice dealing with a “dirty bomb” incident. The “Liberty Rad-Ex” drill also incorporated local SWAT teams and HAZMAT units. They all worked together in a practice raid on a mock “dirty bomb” factory.

In Alabama, a federal grand jury has indicted two men in connection with a series of hoax anthrax letters mailed. One man, a 38-year-old, is charged with mailing 15 hoax letters between March 6 and April 5 containing white powder that officials said could have been perceived as anthrax. Authorities said that one of the letters was delivered to a Senator’s office. They said the Talladega County sheriff, judges in the county and other officials also received such letters. The lead suspect, and another 38-year-old male from Lincoln are charged with mailing eight other anthrax hoax letters. Postal inspectors arrested the two April 24 after they deposited eight letters in an outdoor drop box at the Pell City Post Office.

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