Zalud’s Blog report -- The Police Department for the City of San Jose, the tenth most populous U.S. city and the third largest city in the State of California, has decided to implement NICE Inform and other NICE solutions to enhance handling of critical calls at its communications center. The center handles approximately one million emergency and non-emergency calls each year. All of those calls, and the Department’s radio communications, will be captured, retained, reviewed and analyzed using NICE solutions.

The San Jose Police Department has a reputation for achieving results through technological innovation. San Jose was among the first big cities in the U.S. to make use of electronic citations. San Jose also broke new ground as the first American city to make 911 calls available in near real-time online.

San Jose ’s records custodians receive dozens of evidence reproduction requests a day – from District Attorneys and other interested parties. The multimedia incident information management solution will enable the San Jose Police Department to seamlessly reconstruct incidents from 911, dispatch and radio recordings, and other multimedia information. The reconstructions can then be securely organized and stored in electronic incident folders for future reference. San Jose’s solution also features parallel recorders and multiple storage devices for dual recording of critical emergency communications, and quality management application which will be integral to San Jose’s innovative quality assurance program.