Corporate Investigations:

How to Conduct Proper and Effective Internal Investigations

March 30-31, 2009

Alexandria, Virginia

Is the enemy working from the inside? Ready to find out?

Organizations of every size routinely conduct internal workplace investigations. Though the objectives, and certainly the scope, of these undertakings vary widely, their principle purpose is that of objective fact-finding. Litigation is one of the biggest threats to business today. Discover how to reduce the risk of litigation and master the intricacies of conducting flawless, defensible, cost-effective internal investigations.

Carefully examine the methods, tools, and legal limitations of modern fact-finding in today's workplace. Learn how to use the Process of Investigation and conduct fast, proper, and cost-effective internal investigations. Discover how to use force multipliers when conducting your investigations and obtain the highest possible return on investment from every undertaking. The secret tips and traps that often make the difference between a successful investigation and a catastrophic one will be revealed. Go to

Last year’s attendees had this to say…

“A first class course taught by a first class professional in the field.

As a primer or a refresher, you will not walk away without fresh

perspectives and new skills. Intense and insightful, the course fills a critical need in the field of investigations.”

-John G Zellmer, Chief, Protective Services, NASA

“As a long term security and loss prevention professional, I found

the seminar exceptionally well organized… ”

-Stephen Peluso, Senior Lead Security Officer, Playboy Enterprises, Inc.