FLO Corporation, a Registered Traveler (RT) services provider, and ASIS International, the largest organization of security management professionals in the world, today announced an exclusive partnership agreement providing FLO's next generation RT offering to ASIS' 36,000 members and associated companies. The partnership stands today as the largest RT distribution channel into corporate America and as a strong endorsement of FLO's model from a leading security organization with global reach. 

FLO memberships, via its partnership with Unisys, are designed to be both secure and interoperable with all RT authentication stations deployed by TSA-approved service providers. Travelers who enroll with FLO will be able to use FLO cards at any of the 18 U.S. airports currently participating in the RT program, and at the many more airports anticipated to open by the end of 2008.

"FLO's RT 2.0 offers members door-to-door global travel benefits and value that extend far beyond the airport," said Michael J. Stack, ASIS Executive Director. "We have a significant base of frequent travelers, all of whom pass through the busiest travel markets, and all of whom are looking for ways to use the travel system more efficiently."

In addition to expediting security check-in, FLO offers access to a robust menu of membership benefits that add value, choice and convenience to the door-to-door travel experience. Packages can be selected based on individual preference and include system-wide benefits like concierge and golf club delivery service, worldwide airline lounge access, personal GPS and mortgage options.   ASIS International's 36,000 members will receive discounted memberships on FLO's Gold Ambassador card and Platinum Ambassador card, together offering more than 75 unique and valuable products and services beyond the security lane. Details can be found on FLO's new web portal at http://www.flocard.com/.

Fred Fischer, Senior Vice President of FLO, added, "We're thrilled to have the backing of ASIS and to gain access to a significant network of international business travelers. We view the endorsement as testament to FLO's model of bringing added value to RT membership through services and benefits that fit the busy traveler's lifestyle. The momentum we've gained among corporations underscores the market's healthy demand and appetite for an RT solution that improves the traveler experience both in the airport and beyond." 

About FLO

FLO Corporation provides a comprehensive solution for the Registered Traveler program that is built on world-class, scalable technology and administered by the U.S. Transportation Security Administration. The Registered Traveler program is designed to identify air passengers who pose a minimal security risk and then to provide those passengers with access to faster and simpler processing at airport security checkpoints. FLO Corporation has formed the "FLO Alliance" – strategic relationships with several companies with extensive expertise in credentialing, security, access control, customer service, travel services, political lobbying and corporate and consumer marketing – designed to develop, market, sell and deploy an end-to-end solution and to provide next-generation RT 2.0 membership benefits to qualified individuals for expedited security screening in designated lanes at participating airports in addition to receiving promotional offers and discounts offered by retail partners. The FLO Alliance partnership consists of FLO Corporation, Microsoft, JPMorgan Chase, Unisys Corporation, Smiths Detection Inc., International RAM and ID Technology Partners. For more information about the FLO program and Alliance visit http://www.flocard.com.