Zalud’s Blog just discovered that the Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma has deployed over 300 IQeye cameras for surveillance of gaming tables and public areas, and current plans call for expanding the number of cameras in existing casino locations and in a number of new locations. 


“We were looking for cameras that would fit our current surveillance system, future planned systems, and meet the needs of the Gaming Commission,” said Dan Breshears, executive director of the public safety division, in charge of law enforcement, security, surveillance, and integration projects for the Choctaw Nation. Breshears and his team selected a number of different cameras and hung them in challenging casino conditions—low light, flashing lights, neon, and others—so that they could decide on the very best camera for their needs. “It was a time-consuming process,” Breshears continued, “but an imperative one. So far we’re pleased with the image quality and stability we get with the IQeyes.”


Thus far IQeye cameras are installed in two locations: the Pacola casino, which was upgraded from a legacy analog system; and the new end-to-end IP system at the Broken Bow Casino. At Broken Bow Casino in Durant, IQeye cameras feed to a Petards digital video management solution in the 24/7 control center, which watches over action on the casino floor. Breshears again, “With our former technology, image quality and the ability to copy images to another medium left a lot to be desired—the end product was not sufficient for law enforcement. We have over 8,000 employees and safety for those employees and our valued guests is our utmost priority. The system we have now, including the IQeyes, is doing a great job for us, it’s really an elite application, and we’re very impressed with the end result.”


Breshears noted that every day something happens at the casinos for which the high quality IQinVision images are needed. Images are provided on a regular basis to the Safety and Insurance Departments, the Gaming Commission, and to the police. “It’s very impressive to have other departments so enthusiastic with the service and assistance we’re able to provide. And the stakes are high—one false claim we disprove potentially pays for the whole system.”


“In working with the Choctaw Nation, they were looking for a partner. IQinVision firmly believes in that kind of long-term relationship, from our sales staff to our support staff, and we will continue to be there for Choctaw’s needs as they grow,” said Pete DeAngelis, IQinVision President and CEO.