Software as a Service (SaaS) security was analyzed in a recent survey by the Cloud Security Alliance. According to the survey, more than half (58%) of organizations estimate their current SaaS security solutions only cover 50% or less of their SaaS applications. 

Sixty-six percent of organizations have increased their investment in SaaS apps, with 71% increasing their investment in security tools to protect these business-critical apps. CISOs and security managers are shifting from being controllers to governors as the ownership of SaaS apps is spread out through the different departments of their organization.

While 68% of organizations are ramping up investments in hiring and training staff on SaaS security, 51% have established communication and collaboration between security and app owner teams and 33% are currently monitoring less than half of their SaaS stack. Fifty-four percent of organizations check device hygiene for SaaS privileged users, 47% inspect the device hygiene of all SaaS users and 42% identify unmanaged devices accessing the SaaS stack.