Artificial intelligence (AI) preparation was analyzed in a recent survey by SHI International and Dell Technologies.

The report found that around 50% of research universities have a defined strategy for deploying and managing AI technologies. However, 13.2% say they are mostly or fully prepared to harness the power of AI effectively. AI’s applications span a wide range in academia, with two use cases leading the way: chatbots (36.8%) and research tools (35.3%). The top five use cases are rounded out by automation of administrative tasks, predictive analytics and student services (all 29.4%).

According to the survey results, more than 80% of respondents didn’t feel policies had been fully implemented, but 70% were either already using AI or plan to within the next 12 months. Other key findings include:

  • 48.6% either have basic training in place or plan to provide training for their staff.
  • Institutions need the most assistance developing an AI funding strategy (47.1%) and identifying available grants (44.1%).
  • Top barriers to implementation include too many competing priorities (36.8%), inadequate funding (36.8%), and lack of AI strategy or ownership (30.9%).
  • 16% say their infrastructure is ready for extensive AI integration for students.
  • 29.4% have only somewhat or partially implemented data security and privacy measures into their AI systems.