A North Carolina airport has installed new computed tomography (CT) X-ray scanners for improved airport security. Installation of the new equipment will occur in a phased approach, with one new lane being equipped weekly over the next two weeks. Once each lane is modified and completes certification, it will open for screening before installation of the next lane begins.        

The new CT scanners will be used to screen travelers’ carry-on luggage in the security checkpoints. CT units generate a 3-D image of the contents of the carry-on bag. A TSA officer can manipulate the 3-D X-ray image on-screen to allow for a better view of the bag’s contents, ultimately reducing the number of bag checks that are required.

When a carry-on bag is screened through a CT scanner, travelers can leave everything in their carry-on bag, including electronics larger than a cell phone and food. The scanners are being rolled out at additional airports across the state.