Senate Bill 150 has been filed in Florida to address public safety concerns. The bill addresses a variety of school safety concerns and would also eliminate the need for a concealed weapons license in the state of Florida. The bill does not affect laws relating to the purchase of a firearm and will not allow anyone prohibited from possessing a firearm to carry concealed. Florida will continue to require full and complete background checks when a firearm is purchased.

Currently, Florida requires a waiting period for firearms of either three days or until the background check is completed, whichever is later. A person carrying concealed without a license will still be required to obey existing laws prohibiting carrying in places like schools, certain athletic events and correctional facilities.

According to SB 150, the Office of Safe Schools must develop a behavioral threat management operational process to guide public and charter schools in identifying, assessing, managing and monitoring both potential and real threats. The bill also requires the office to create a behavioral threat instrument to evaluate the behavior of students who may pose a very serious threat to the school, school staff or students and coordinate intervention and services for the students and parents. When a serious incident or behavior occurs, the school’s threat management team must prepare a threat assessment report. The report and all corresponding documentation will be maintained in the threat management portal to facilitate standardized documentation of threat information.

The bill will allow private schools to establish a safety program and participate in the necessary training, provided the school pays for all of the training costs. The bill also allows private schools to assign safe school officers to their facilities. All law enforcement agencies in Florida must have an active assailant response policy by October 1, 2023, with required annual training.

The bill also creates the Florida Safe Schools Canine Program which would allow law enforcement to purchase, train or care for a firearm detection dog. K-12 schools and students are encouraged to partner with law enforcement to fundraise in the local community for donations to purchase, train or care for the dog.