Milton-Freewater, Ore., is the latest city to allow city employees to carry guns while on the job, according to The Union Bulletin. The City Council approved a change in the employee handbook Monday that allows properly-permitted staff to carry a firearm at work.

This is not as uncommon as it sounds, however. Last month, leaders in Cherokee County, N.C., began allowing legal concealed weapons in most county offices – residents can carry concealed handguns with the proper permit anywhere, with the exception of the courthouse, schools and the jail. In Kentucky, state law changed to allow open carry in any city-owned building and concealed-carry in some places, such as firehouses.

Last year in Colorado Springs, Colo., city leaders voted to include city workers in carry-concealed laws, since public and elected officials were already allowed to carry concealed weapons into most of the city’s approximate 140 buildings, the article says.