A global Surfshark study reveals that the U.S. ranked third for the most breaches in 2022. 

The country had 23.5 million leaked accounts over the last year alone. However, its situation actually improved by 89% compared to 2021 — a positive trend that is visible across the world.

Other findings include:

  • As many as 2.3 million of American accounts were lost during the BidenCash breach, accounting for around 10% of total U.S. breaches in 2022. The United States remained the most breached country of this decade until Ukraine’s invasion at the end of February. Russia has been topping the charts since then, holding a third of all accounts leaked last year.
  • Globally, a total of 310.9 million accounts were breached in 2022. Russia ranked 1st, followed by China, the U.S., France, Indonesia, Brazil, India, Germany, Australia and Turkey.
  • The highest growth in year-over-year user victims was spotted in Indonesia (269%), Sri Lanka (204%), Russia (191%), Uzbekistan (73%) and China (45%). 

The full report is available here