The owners of Stoney J’s Farm Winery in Cumming, Georgia strive to present a unique experience to the clientele who visit their 6-acre, family-owned estate. A relaxing, entertaining atmosphere that encourages guests to stroll the property, indulge in wine tastings, dine at their onsite bistro, and peruse the retail shops is a vital facet of their business model. Equally important is maintaining a high level of efficiency and security across all departments. 

Stony J's decided to add network technologies and security cameras from Snap One to the facility to achieve those goals. Connected to high-speed fiber-optic cabling are a range of security cameras, loudspeakers, Wi-Fi access points and other technology. Fiber optic cabling is trenched to six buildings across six acres. Wi-Fi coverage helped the winery expedite digital transactions, liven the atmosphere with music and video, secure the property, and grant guests and employees full, uninterrupted use of their mobile devices.

Hardwired to the high-speed fiber optic network are several Luma high-def cameras, Episode indoor and outdoor speakers, indoor and outdoor Araknis Wi-Fi access points, streaming media devices and displays. From any mobile device, Stoney J’s employees can view real-time and recorded video captured by the cameras and stream music to speakers and video — including winery schedule and menu items — to smart displays. Stoney J's management receives alerts to their mobile devices when any security camera notices movement at a building’s entrance, which has helped coordinate deliveries at the perimeter of the property.

Stoney J's will expand their security toolkit with Wi-Fi-enabled door locks to the outbuildings, a security system, and a Control4 automation system from SnapOne in the second phase of installation.